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We are a good portion through the Summer and House of Jo’s Busman’s holiday. I’ve been occupying myself not only with the usual sewing and patterning but have also managed to cram in a few working festivals. I’m finally recovered after my nearly two weeks in Glastonbury Festival’s Shangri-la and have weaned myself off afternoon/anytime naps. The event was a mix of mud and sun and noise and passed in a blur of late night shifts at Wally’s Bar and sleepless mornings as the Shangri-hell stage turned my caravan into a beat amplifier. I exchanged my magic beans for a shed on two wheels: limping home with not one but two caravans and am now the dubious owner of a late 60’s Thomson T-Line Gleneagle.

The next event was Keynsham Music Festival where I had the pleasure of working with the Lovely Maya Wolf for a whirlwind Hat Making workshop. By heck, my hands moved somewhere near the speed of light and I facilitated a marvelous mix of head based ornamentation.

Changing pace and age range in quick succession I moved onto the planning and preparation for a four day Creative Pattern Cutting Course hosted by my good self at City of Bath College. Yet again we had a great bunch of students who stood steady under a barrage of technique and practice to complete a scaled adventure in the art of pattern cutting and dressmaking.

I am now putting the finishing touches to a House of Jo workshop which will be gracing Camp Bestival this coming weekend. I’ve been cutting and sticking, swatching in Adobe Illustrator and making a series of exemplars for a Tattooed Lady and Strong Men jointed paper doll extravaganza:

Josefine et Paolo jointed paper doll tattoed lady strongman

Love is matching tattoos and facial hair.

Thanks are offered to The Enchanted Gallery, the template for the dolls and doll making supplies can very kindly be found here.