I had the pleasure of teaching a Summer School at City of Bath College this past week. A lovely bunch of ladies came along to the class and I hope I’ve managed to not put them off pattern cutting for life and managed to teach all just a little something!

The first day is always the most intense session: Predominantly focussing on dart manipulation. Day 2 we investigated sleeve and facing techniques and the two final days everyone got down to either creating a pattern and a toile for a bodice of their own design or a series of scaled patterns to explore a variety of pattern cutting operations.

Claire, Irene, Katie, Karon, Lauren, Mandy and Winnie all worked incredibly hard, asking all the right questions in the right places to really extend their learning. The most asked question during the early sessions was “Why/where do I put the dart” and I was very proud to find by the end of the sessions they could all equally proudly answer “Wherever I want: I’m the designer!

Winnie has written about her journey over on Scruffy Badger, go check her out!