I ordered in a copy of Hisako Satos’s Drape Drape for the college library a month or so ago. On my last visit I was happy to see it on the shelf and booked it out for the Christmastime holiday.
Drape Drape is the latest book from the Bunka Fashion College in Japan, unlike their previous offerings in the Pattern Magic collection, this book doesn’t supply cutting directions, instead the patterns for the garments are included in full size on fold out patterns at the back of the book.
Each pattern is given in a three sizes S/M/L which is a big plus as patterns such as this would be intimidating to grade without a good amount of previous knowledge. Sewing directions are included for each project.

The publishers description vouchsafes the book as being highly suitable for anyone wanting to learn about draping although I would caution anyone who is to purchase the book without first viewing that this is a project based book, if you make up some of the clothes in the book I’m sure your understanding of the construction processes necessary for this type of garment will be acquired, which will in turn inspire your practise, but if you are looking for a publication teaching you the nuts and bolts of draping on the stand this book is not going to fulfil this requirement.
I made up the one piece dress on P… After running out a 1st toile in a jersey I made another in a wool plaid. You can see from the image below that I performed some ad hoc* alterations between toile 01 and 02 mainly to account for the lack of stretch in the second fabric. I also lengthened dress considerably which necessitated widening the hem.
*When I say ad hoc what I actually mean is amateurish! I was in a hurry to finish the second toile before the sun was down on the first and I only graded out the centre front and centre back-I’d started to cut it out before I noticed my error-not grading through the side seam to give more width across the armhole. Less haste, more speed comes to mind, as does the saying measure twice cut once!