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Work in Progress: 11cm diameter mini beret base crocheted with a 1.25mm hook, 3ply merino wool and a padding cord of cotton approx 4ply.

Still work in progress… sampling a variety of yarns and flowers for this wee hat and have found using the same wool as the base yields the most harmonious match. I’ve also made a bud and a slightly bigger leaf but am going to try and crochet me some netting before I make the arrangement more permanent.

I’ve been sampling as fine a crochet net as can be, slightly hampered by my desire to have a net of either purple or green but am so far unsuccessful. The cat isn’t exactly helping and has on more than one occasion amused herself whilst I sleep, rolling my day’s work around the floor. I have a feeling I’m just gonna have to crack on and add the art of Netting to my arsenal to get the perfect size of netting. For now: shown with a piece of shop bought netting.

On the Netting front: I have borrowed Lovely Liza Long’s Great Great Grandmother’s “Weldons Encyclopaedia of Needlework” which has got an excellent chapter on Netting and intend to try my hand.